Welcome to Patrick Powers Photography!

We are excited to be the 2019 GDCA National official photographer! We are planning to do win photos a little different this year to help with the line. So, the monitor to view your win photos will be off to the side and will be visible immediately after your photos have been taken. This will give everyone a chance to have their photos taken and then if someone wishes to retake their photo, they will get back in line.

TOP 20 Event:
The night of the Top 20 we will be available for win photos 1.5 hours prior to the show beginning, during the show, and after the show. Please come by and have photos taken at your earliest availability. Not only will the dogs be more willing and less tired, it will also keep you from standing in a long line after the event to have photos taken.

Thank you all for understanding! We hope to see you soon!

Patrick Powers Photography